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Everybody talk about Global warming and we all know that packaging waste play a major issue. The overall effect of plastic on environment is a major pollutant contribution and have a great impact on the health of the world. IHRS, our main objective is not only to serve and provide our clienteles with quality products/services, but to also play a part in finding the most feasible solution to run our business in an environmental friendly without an additional added cost to our respective clienteles.

Biodegradable plastics take less time to break down

Biodegradable packaging and biodegradable bags take much less time to break down after being discarded. What this means is that it gets absorbed in the earth, and there will no longer be tons of plastic dominating our landfills and no harm to environment.

Biodegradable plastics are renewable

Biodegradable plastics are made from biomass, which is a completely renewable resource. It is an organic compound, which breaks down.


It is us, who will be part of the solution to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Therefore, we are happy to announce our new packing for our (Fruit/Vegetable) Advance BIO. This is environmental friendly and non-toxics packaging product by using BIO Mat.EDP (Environmentally Degradable Plastics) the latest innovation development which is very close to nanotechnology by integration of natural minerals with agricultural products and either Polypropylene or polyethylene. With this know-how, the uniqueness of Advance BIO is it can be completely decomposed naturally without any toxic residues.

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